iS3 STOPzilla Optimizer 3.0

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Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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iS3 STOPzilla Optimizer 3.0 - 1-Year / 2-PC
iS3 STOPzilla Optimizer 3.0 - 1-Year / 5-PC

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If you are suffering from slow PC performance, computer cleaning software may be able to help. STOPzilla Optimizer is a multi-featured registry cleaner developed and supported in the United States that can keep your computer running at maximum speed.

Far from your standard PC optimization software, STOPzilla Optimizer has tools for beginners and power-users alike. Clean up your computer with only one-click using Automatic Repair. Need to make manual changes to the registry? Use Advanced Repair for full control in an easy-to-use interface.

More than just a computer cleaning software, STOPzilla Optimizer also allows you to backup your system and registry so you can roll back the operating system as needed. If you ever have questions about running our PC optimization software, STOPzilla Support is here to resolve any issues.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Registry problems can slow your PC to a screeching halt. With one click, STOPzilla Optimizer will scan your registry for fragmented files and fix them.

Automatic Repair

With one click you can fix invalid application paths and clean your PC of uninstall information, COM/ActiveX objects, help files, file extensions and font files.

Advanced Repair

STOPzilla Optimizer allows advanced users who want more configuration control to manually make changes to the registry.

System and Registry Backup

STOPzilla Optimizer's Registry Backup lets you save registry information for later use. Use System Backup when you want to perform a rollback of your Windows operating system.

Unparalleled Service

We stand behind our technology with free, unlimited customer service. Any problem with our products can be resolved free of charge by e-mail, website, or phone.

Technical Specifications

Segment Home
License Type New License
Device Users 1
License Term 12 months
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

STOPzilla Optimizer is a software designed by iS3 to repair your system's registry. Like other registry scanners, STOPzilla Optimizer has a welcome wizard that takes an automatic system backup of your system's registry before starting an initial scan of your PC. The interface of the software is intuitive, with tools and tab labels helping you to find the tool you're looking for within the software. The registry scan took 50 seconds and the software found 164 issues with the registry. The results screen, though, didn't provide detailed information about the issues found during the scan or advice about how to fix registry errors. A single repair button automatically resolves the issues based on the software's recommendations.

The software includes a Registry Optimizer tool that defragments your registry like many other registry cleaner software. After running the software's different tools, it did increase the performance of our test computer, but only by .17 percent, the lowest of any registry repair software we tested.

The safety features included with STOPzilla Optimizer are good for helping you protect your system's information. The backup tool runs automatically when you first use the software, which helps you to avoid any damage that can occur when you repair your registry. The backup tool includes the option of a full or partial backup, letting you conserve room on your hard drive. The exclusion list lets you protect sensitive areas of your computer from scanning and avoid potential registry repair errors. The software does have an undo feature, which lets you undo individual registry repairs done by the software. This saves you time from having to do a complete registry restoration should you make a mistake by accidentally deleting a single sensitive file.

STOPzilla Optimizer only comes with a single software license, which is standard for most software in this field. STOPzilla does offer additional software licenses to multiple computers, up to five, for an additional fee. The help and support offered by iS3 includes 24/7 telephone support in both the USA and Canada. The STOPzilla Optimizer website includes live chat that is good for both questions you might have before the purchase of the software and technical support questions you may have after using the software. STOPzilla Optimizer has links in the software that will take you to the FAQs section of iS3 website and connect you to a form email webpage for email support.


The help, support and safety features included on STOPzilla Optimizer are quite good. The automatic backup of the registry ensures that your system's information will remain safe during registry cleaning. Yet, the registry scan tool and defragmentation tool did little to increase the performance of our test machines.


STOPzilla Optimizer offers good safety features like an undo feature, full and partial registry backup and an exclusion list.


The scan results screen doesn't provide detailed information about found registry errors.


There are many good help, support and safety features included with STOPzilla Optimizer, but the performance of the software was lacking.